White Pants: Not Just For Summer Anymore

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It's time to ignore those rules you've heard about when you can wear white. Truth is, most rules have gone out the window, including the formerly very strict "can't wear black with navy or brown". These days we see it all and San Francisco is a prime location with its wonderful eccentricity to live by your own rules - or no rules for that matter.  We have two seasons, either spring or fall, except for the occasional 75 degree weather days that we got blessed with this week, so out with the summer white pants! I may be wearing white before Memorial Day but here white pants are not just for summer and are worn all year round.

White pants can be tricky, especially if you're more on the petite side like me. I find that wearing them with heels and a light colored top helps to elongate your figure. I wore this cute pale pink and white ensemble to work this week. I'm not normally a fan of ruffles but this top plays the ruffles right, adding structure to the shoulders and a sweet feminine flare. I've linked to a few similar options that I like below.

I can't believe we're already in May! I'll be celebrating 2 years at my work, my birthday, and getting ready for our trip to Europe (we just need to book it!).

How's May shaping up for you?