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#bloggingboujee + Last Minute Vday Outfit Inspo

Only two more days until Valentine's Day! Or perhaps you have such a busy week that you have until the weekend, like me. Well, if you're in a pinch to find that Valentine's Day outfit, I've pulled together three more outfits that I shot at a #bloggingboujee event recently.

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Spring Brunch Outfit

Last weekend, I attended a wonderful brunch and met some amazing Bay Area fashion bloggers and photographers! We dined at the Magic Flute and had delicious food and... wait for it... 37 mimosas altogether 🙈 !!!

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White Pants: Not Just For Summer Anymore

It's time to ignore those rules you've heard about when you can wear white. Truth is, most rules have gone out the window, including the formerly very strict "can't wear black with navy or brown".

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