Plan Your Wine Country Wedding: The Cake and Desserts

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote all about food and beverage for your wedding - everything from catering to menu tasting, and signature drinks. Today, I'm dishing all about the sweet stuff after dinner.

Cake tasting and deciding on flavors

Vintners Inn gave us the option of bringing in our own cake. Be prepared that venues will charge a cake cutting fee of anywhere between $150-500. During our research, we stumbled upon Rassasy Cakes, located close to Vintners Inn (hint: less risk of cake breaking during transportation!). After a few email exchanges, they invited us up to do some cake tasting. I'm telling you, it's hard to keep to a diet with all these "tastings"!

We headed up to Santa Rosa and Rassasy Cakes had a cute little area all set up for us. Our table had cake samples that we could pair with different frostings, custards, curds, fruit, and more. While my favorite is chocolate, I realized chocolate cake would be a recipe for disaster. No one likes brown-speckled teeth in photos! A white cake, therefore, would be the safest option, but we had no idea of the plethora of choices there would be - Vanilla alone just doesn't cut it! We tried Chiffon, Brown Butter, Almond Poppyseed, Vanilla Bean, and Marble cakes and sampled Buttercream and Vanilla frostings, Mascarpone Cream, some Vanilla custard, and berries. It was all delicious and hard to go wrong! After tasting enough to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings for at least a week, we finally decided on a Brown Butter cake with Mascarpone Cream and fresh strawberries (yum!).

Saving money on the cake

We wanted a simple and tastefully decorated wedding cake for photos but didn't want to shell out a lot of dough. We settled on a smaller, two-tiered cake, and saved money by using real flowers instead of having them design the flowers with frosting. Trust me, it made a huge difference that we could add mini desserts and still come in less than what we would have spent otherwise. Plus, with real flowers, the cake looked more natural and beautiful in person and in photos! Rassasy Cakes and our floral vendor, Bertoli Bridal, coordinated with each other to have the flowers added the day of the wedding once the cake arrived at Vintners Inn.

Adding mini desserts

Rassasy Cakes also had a variety of delicious desserts. Growing up I always opted for the big cookies or brownies over cake (notice the chocolate trend!). We knew the small cake wouldn't feed everyone so added an assortment of desserts. We estimated at 100 people, knowing that folks may have a slice of cake + 1 dessert (or either one or the other) so we chose:

  • Brownies Mini 1x1 (cocoa) - 2 dz

  • Fruit Tarts - 2 dz

  • Mini Eclairs or Cream Puffs - 2 dz

  • Mini Cheesecakes - 2dz

  • Key Lime Shooters - 1dz

  • Choc PB Shooters 1dz

  • Macarons (Blush, Ivory/Champagne, Gray - our wedding colors!)

  • Salted Caramel

  • Truffle

  • Raspberry - 2 ½ dz

It all made for a beautiful dessert table accommodating everyone's taste buds. They lasted into the night too so anyone could have their sweet tooth fix after the late night snacks!

What kind of cake are you looking to have at your wedding? What ideas do you have for your topper? Are you going to have other desserts too? Tell us about it below!


Photography: Emily Jean Images || Cake & Desserts: Rassasy Cakes || Location: Vintners Inn, Santa Rosa, CA