Parisian Vibes | Little Black Dresses for Spring

As I get ready to head to Paris at the end of this week I have been in a constant "romantique" state of mind! I can't wait to return to my beloved city, especially as it transitions from Winter to Spring.  This time I'm going for work and what's special about this trip is that I will help train our sales teams there... in French! You may not know this, but I was raised speaking both English and French (French since I was 5) and I went to high school in Paris. I have a large French family on my grandmother's side and get to see them regularly about once a year. That being said, I've mostly used my French in more friendly and casual settings with family, friends, and when traveling. This will be the first time I actually present in front of 100+ people in a professional setting. I'm nervous and excited, all at the same time. I always dreamed that no matter what career I was in, that I could have some sort of Franco-US impact, and perhaps even more globally one day. It's exciting to see it starting to happen! Of course, these presentations next week need to go well - no pressure :)

Sure, it may be a little chilly in March to go completely bare-legged but my upcoming trip reminds me of the photoshoot I did in Paris last June. Much of my sense of style has come from living in Europe and has contributed to my inner romantic. I am really drawn to feminine pieces with point d'esprit details, lace, peplum, and bows. And of course, anything that resembles Chanel :)

Given the time of year and also the fact that black is a staple in Europe, I've linked to a few of my favorite LBDs for Spring to achieve a lively and elegant Parisian vibe below.

Bonne journée mes cheries! <3


Photography: Damien Gugenheim | EverPhotoShoot

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