My First Box from Le Tote


When clothing subscription services like Stich Fix and Trunk Club started popping up, I was curious but somewhat reluctant to try them. If you're not familiar, these companies ship you a box of select clothing items and accessories that you can try on in the comfort of your own home. You can keep what you want and return the rest by mail. However, you have a limited number of days to try on everything and there may be penalties for not returning them on time. For a busy woman 24/7, that can get dangerous - I know I'd forget to mail them back and then oops! I've just bought myself a top I didn't really care for. What if I just wanted to try something and wear it for a little while, for a few weeks or a month? Well, stumbling upon Le Tote became a game changer for me.

Le Tote allows you to rent clothes and accessories for a flat fee each month! I subscribed to their base membership at $59/month. You can keep the box for as long as you like, or you can ship it back quickly and get as many new boxes in a month as possible. It's up to you but is on your schedule! They maintain high-quality pieces that are in "like new" condition. I say "like new" since they have been rented and worn by others. As a result, if you want you can purchase items at a discounted rate from retail. You just simply keep what you want and return the other items in a prepaid envelope and voila, you have a new permanent addition to your closet. If you don't want to purchase anything, well you can keep your temporary items as long as you like before mailing back the box - no penalties!

I posted on my Instastories the grand reveal of my first box (it felt like Christmas when I opened it!). I received a floral bomber jacket from BCBGMAXAZARIA, Jogging pants from Noir (this was my "try new trends" test), a cute leather skirt from Olivia Culpo x Le Tote, a studded cross-body (also from Noir), and a pair of earrings from House of Harlow.


I kept the box for about 3 weeks and wore each clothing item at least once. Here are some of the photos of me wearing the items.

First, the BCBCMAXAZARIA floral bomber jacket. You can also review my post on this outfit and links to other similar jackets here.


Shop the look

Next, the Noir printed jogger pants.


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And last, the Olivia Culpo x Le Tote flare leather skirt:


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The jogger pants were my test subject. I had never worn anything like them before. I found them extremely comfortable and more flattering than I thought they'd, but after some thought realized I probably wouldn't wear them enough to justify keeping them so I sent them back. However, I really liked the floral bomber jacket and saw that BCBG had sold out of it on its website so I definitely decided to keep it. Here are some similar jackets you can check out.

The fact that I scored a piece I liked in the very first box is a big win for Le Tote. Of course, the whole point is to rent the items temporarily, not to add more to my closet! Then again, if there's a sure winner for the long haul then I think it's worth buying it (at a discount = bonus!) as long as I live by the rule: one item in, one item out!

What are your thoughts on clothing subscription services? Do you use any currently? I'd love to hear your experiences!