Empowering Red Dress

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This past weekend I went to a Femme Fair event which emphasized women empowerment. I got to meet some wonderfully talented and friendly fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Everyone there shared the same passions and the supportive energy was amazing. To be honest, I'd never seen anything like it. No one was competitive. No one was keeping a wary, watchful eye on the other. Instead, they were helping each other set up, admiring each other's style, giving positive feedback on their work, reaching out and taking photos with one another, making friends and celebrating together! It was an extraordinarily warm atmosphere, a real community. I didn't expect to stay as long as I did but talking to such amazing people made me lose track of time. I know I'm relatively new to blogging and I may be a little naive, but the impression I have gotten thus far is that no one is competing to have the "better" blog. Bloggers are sharing stories unique to their perspectives and styles and they know some people may like it and some people won't. They are looking to attract a like-minded audience who appreciates their work and will benefit from it. They may also share audiences with another blogger and that's, well, even better! This is unlike jobs in the corporate world where there is so much competition for that one position. In the Blogosphere, there's room for everyone. Everyone has a position and they make it their own! It's a really beautiful way to be creative.

The theme of the event was The Future is Female. It made me think of my recent post about women in tech. The industry is progressing towards equality for women but we still have a ways to go. On most days my work is rewarding and the competition can be good motivation (after all, we sometimes all need a push). However, it's still a man's world and that can make it that much harder to thrive. I'm still a woman in the end and want to stay true to myself. I'm finding ways to mold my two worlds of tech and style and how one can help the other. Some mornings, I want that extra confidence boost and that's when I reach into my closet for a look that really speaks to being a #bosslady, like this red dress which ignites power from day to night. And my tech knowledge has come in handy for my creative world. Hey, I'm savvy enough to put together my website on my own - the future really is female :).

Expressing my true self through fashion, boosting my self-confidence with knowledge, and surrounding myself with people that share the same passions - I think that all embodies empowerment. We're heading in the right direction and I'm thrilled to be meeting other women to go on this journey with.

Tell me, what makes you feel like a #bosslady?