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Today we had the kind of weather that started out with beautiful sunshine but then the fog rolled in in the afternoon (hello San Francisco!). This cute and soft sweater is perfect for those kinds of days and keeps you warm without really needing a jacket (it’s on sale now too!). I love adding a pop of color to basics or neutrals to make it a little more interesting. And without realizing it, I think I just planned my 4th of July outfit… which in SF does require a sweater, lol.

Did anyone else watch the Oscars last night? Emma Stone looked stunning and I'm so happy she won Best Lead Actress. I couldn't believe the snafu they had with Best Picture at the end though - I was shocked. My husband and I saw La La Land last weekend and I absolutely loved it. It deserved to win! Here's a pretty funny SNL skit to get your day started :)  Happy Monday!