Subtle Color and Accessories for a Chic Dark Outfit

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The holidays are over and this week was back to work. I tend to wear a lot of black and LOVE the monochrome look, especially during the winter. Must be the inner-city girl European in me. However, sometimes I want to blend in some color that isn't too loud to add dimension to any chic dark outfit. If you choose a color that goes with your complexion, it truly is dazzling! One day, I dashed to Banana Republic in a hurry after having a fatal (trust me, it felt like it at the time) accident dropping coffee on my shirt right before a customer meeting - #worstnightmare. This pretty green olive color top caught my eye and I adore the button detail on the sleeves. It makes a subtle stylish statement that is still appropriate for work. Even though this wasn't a planned purchase, I wear it all the time now. It looks great with pants, jeans, a cute skirt - everything! Top it off with a scarf and it will elevate the overall look. I love scarves and have a collection in my closet - it's such a great accessory to complete any outfit! I've linked to my green top along with other items I like to help you achieve the same look.

I've had my Aquatalia boots now for 3 years and wear them on repeat. I've linked to newer models like this one below and they are so comfortable AND weatherproof, which has been essential on some of the rainy days we've had recently.

After enjoying the holidays, a bunch of us strolled in on Tuesday trying to remember what our jobs were. Anyone else feel that way too? Of course, the daily routine caught up with us in no time and we've been working like crazy without much sleep. That earthquake we had didn't help either! Did you feel it? I can't believe the impact Mother Nature is having across the entire country these last few months - wildfires, "bombogenesis" winter storms, now earthquakes... What's next? Everyone, stay safe!